Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild Premieres May 12

Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves' GuildeThe summer of Lankhmar continues. Don’t be surprised if your coin purses become lighter almost as if by magic!

Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild will be available for ordering on May 12. Lankhmar: City of Thieves is ready for print preorders and immediate PDF sales right now, and there will be more Lankhmar coming your way in June and July! You can even get Lankhmar character sheets—for free—from the Downloads at the right of the Lankhmar page on the Pinnacle web store.

Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild contains 14 separate Savage Tales to unleash on your wary band of rogues. Whether they have to unmask a mysterious red smoke to prevent a guild war, burgle a holy relic from a watchful god in his own temple, or collect the bounty on the notorious pirate Black Skull, you’ll get hours of gaming entertainment. Weave these stories into your existing campaign or play them independently—the choice is yours!


Kickstart Codex Infernus

Codex Infernus Kickstarter Project from Gun Metal GamesSometimes a game goes straight to hell by accident. Now you’ve got the resources to take it there on purpose!

Codex Infernus is a new Kickstarter from Gun Metal Games that helps bring your Savage Worlds game to the infernal depths or pepper your existing worlds with all things hellish. This toolkit-style supplement lets you make damnation into the image you want, because perdition is little if not customized!

Be sure to check out the rewards options and add-ons, which include Adventure Packs featuring some of our very own—Shane Hensley, Clint Black, John Goff, and Sean Fannon. The Kickstarter Updates are worth a look, too, including a pair of design journals!

Take a little walk by the lake of fire, across the eternally frozen pond, or through our own world with unwelcome visitors. Back the Codex Infernus Kickstarter today.

DramaScape Releases To Preserve Our Vows

To Preserve Our Vows from DramaScapeDramaScape brings you their latest map-and-adventure pack, To Preserve Our Vows.

This full-color 16″ x 10″ tri-level battlemap of an Arabian tower includes overlays for hex grids, square grids, and gridless use. The PDF also contains the VTT (Virtual Table Top) images for online play! Whether you use it for To Preserve Our Vows, the included adventure, or for other Arabian-style games, you’ll get endless hours of enjoyment.

The One-Sheet style adventure includes all the maps, additions, and NPC cards you need to help save the wives of Earl Geoffrey Corwin and Confrere Henri Blanche from the harem of Mesud, the Sultan of Rûm. Are you and your Templars enough to recapture these lost wives from the Sultan’s clutches?