Pinnacle One Shot Holiday Sale Continues!

Our Holiday Blowout Sale continues until December 15, with several great titles at 50% off!

Tired of the cold and want a little heat? Feel the fires of perdition lickin’ at your toes in Solomon Kane, fight the fires of War in The Last Sons, or live in the embers of the nuclear fires of Hell on Earth: Reloaded—all at half off!

Looking for more of a liquid holiday? Ride the open and dangerous tides of Pirates of the Spanish Main or try to survive the hidden terrors of The Flood. Either way, you can pocket half the cash and spend it on some other aqueous pursuits—maybe a beach, a bottle, or both?

But that’s just the half (well, half-off) of it! Be sure to check out everything on the Pinnacle Store, because the savings are all over the place, waiting on you to take them home for the holidays! Seriously, don’t disappoint the savings…


More Italian Savage Worlds from GG Studio

GG Studio Italian ReleasesLess than one month ago, GG Studio released several new Savage Worlds books at Tuscany Lucca Comics & Games game fair, split evenly between translations and all-new material. It’s a good time to speak Italian!

  • Four new Italian translations, including The Science Fiction Companion from Pinnacle, Broken Earth by Sneak Attack Press, East Texas University from 12 to Midnight and Pinnacle, and Adventures Across the Dominions from GRAmel.
  • Kata Kumbas is an iconic Mediterranean fantasy setting originally published as the first Italian RPG in the 1980s. Travel from earth through gates to a medieval Italian wonderland!
  • MERCs—Military Expendable Rated Commandos—is a “sci-punk” setting of mercenary squads traveling the galaxy, getting the job done on wartorn planets. For cash, of course. If you want action, be sure to take a look!
  • I Cavalieri di Basilea (Knights of Basilea)—a short spin-off of last year’s Freak Control—is about a secret society of “knights” defending their town against a rising evil conspiracy.
  • Ultima Forsan: Rutenia Macabra is a regional gazetteer about Macabre Russia for Ultima Forsan. Rutenia is not a country for weak men—Muscovy is on the edge of a civil war, the marauders gather on the east bank of the Volga river, the malevolent Yagas lurk to ensnare travelers, and Koschei the Deathless roams the steppes. The shadow of Erlik Khan, the God of Death that controls the Golden Horde, falls over the whole region.

The Italians love Nemezis by GRAmel so much that GG Studio asked three Italian authors (Giancarlo Borracci, Andrea Tupac Mollica and Matteo Poropat) to create new campaigns for the setting for their audience. Watch for those, too!

The Italian community of Savage Worlds players is growing month by month, and we’re always happy to see the game take off in other languages.

Sci-Fi Companion Now Available for Hero Lab!

Savage Worlds in Hero LabTravel beyond earth and explore new planets with the latest Savage Worlds supplement in Hero Lab—the Sci-Fi Companion. This new add-on introduces new races and gear—including cyberware!—as well as Edges and Hindrances necessary to create space-dwelling characters. It even includes support to create your own robots, starships, and space vehicles—even a destroyer worthy of an imperial army.

Welcome to Tropicana!

TropicanaOnce upon a time in the Caribbean…

Walk the narrow border between law and something else in Tropicana. Be a detective or spy, gambler or mercenary, exotic dancer or celebrity in need, trafficker or thug, surfer or tourist, student or activist. Whether your find it on your own or are hired into it, trouble in San José is always big, complicated, and twisted.

And after any adventure, they like to have boat drinks and smoke cigars together by the poolside.

Tropicana is a game from Savage Worlds licensee GRAmel of action heroes, special agents, and troubleshooters in San José, a rogue state consisting of a tropical metropolis, its wild jungle hinterland, and a small archipelago of paradise islands.

Fight criminals, investigate ancient mysteries, solve cases, and seduce the most beautiful men and women—grab your gun and a mojito and join us in Tropicana!

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